Born In Bogotá but raised in Venezuela, from a very young age Lucy started following in her mother’s footsteps, showing a natural predisposition for art.
After graduating in Advertising and Marketing from the IUNP in Caracas, she set up a painting atelier, and also worked on graphic design for leading brands such as Vans,
L´Oréal and Germaine de Cappuccini.
Her inspiring and remarkable creative abilities came to the attention of Fashion Business magazine with whom she began to collaborate
as an artistic director.
Love brought her to Barcelona where she married a prominent Catalan businessman and had two children.
Despite the demands of family life,
Lucy remained committed to her work and
designed accessories for Cacharel.
Here she met Conchita Vilella, a prominent figure in the world of Catalan public relations. Impressed by her work, Vilella and the artist began to collaborate on designing events, often documented by journalist Josep Sandoval.
This experience enabled Lucy to meet many big names who she portrays with a modern
and particular technique, earning her the nickname

“The artist of sportspeople and celebrities”.