If I close my eyes, I can still see the image of my mother painting in her studio and I can remember the aroma of the solvents and oil colors.
I grew up in this sea of brushes, palettes, crayons and canvases, dreaming of being a famous artist and learning – almost subconsciously – to appreciate the beauty in all things.

After a successful career as an art director, I turned my focus to creating art that engages the human heart, art that sparks fascination, imagination, irony.
My goal is to create pieces that effectively leave an imprint of emotions on anyone who stops to look at them.
I love to paint portraits, not only to create a likeness of a person but also to capture
the person’s spirit. In my view, art must be filled with strong emotional content and be based on the perception, expectations, feelings and experiences of the artist.
I focus on inner psychological aspects through facial expressions, gestures and colors, each one conveying a different emotion and telling a story.
I am intrigued both visually and emotionally by people and human nature, subjects that I try to interpret through expressive paintings of athletes, musicians, celebrities and everyday people.

My pieces of art would be defined as contemporary for their eclectic style and the distinct techniques of a modernistic approach.
I typically use a subjective color scheme for each piece to build a creative palette.
There is something that fascinates me about vibrant and radiant colors and I love to use them on my canvas.

Sport has always struck me as magical and has the power to inspire me. Over the years, I have had the fortune to meet a number of sportspeople and have become a keen fan.
I love sport for the nostalgia and memories it inspires.
I love the energetic drive of the athletes and I delight in capturing their perseverance, hard work, confidence, strength and muscular effort.
There is a lot of visual information within sport: the design of a shirt, the colors of our favorite team, the relief on a medal, the details on a uniform, the sculptural shape of a ball, racket, mask…
a vast range of emotions that can be experienced.

As an artist, I am constantly looking for new and diverse ways to express myself.
I decided that I wanted to immortalize those memorable experiences and turn everything that surrounds us into art (a shirt worn in an important match, the ball that scored the winning goal, the instrument played in an important concert, the first shoes worn on a fashion runway)… anything that stirs our emotions.
For me, inspiration is the best form of motivation.

This is the language I speak, this is my addiction.